Ciao Bella,

Self-awareness is crucial and I often emphasize the importance of knowing your strengths, your weaknesses, how you react to certain situations or to some personalities or how a change in your environment can affect your mood. If you know these you make better decisions and they help you to set goals in your life as well. Last night I talked about the key points of getting to know yourself in my weekly Facebook live (in Hungarian) and in today’s article I collected 5 bunches of questions which you can do alone or with your bestie to learn a bit more about yourself. So without any further comment, here are some thought provoking questions for you:

1. Things that annoy you – which one(s) would you choose?

  1. Slow internet
  2. The unnecessary small talk
  3. Emotional, moody people
  4. If the train/bus/etc gets delayed
  5. Hypocrites
  6. If someone tries to talk to you with your headphones on
  7. Waiting in a queue
  8. Rude shop assistants
  9. If someone asks me instead of using Google
  10. Ads during movies

2. Which types attract you?

  • Optimist
  • Tattoos, piercings, cool looks
  • Confident people
  • Fun, humorous people
  • Adventurous
  • Long hair
  • Stubborn
  • Athletic
  • Talkative, sociable ones
  • Understanding

3. Which of these are true about you?

  • I can’t remember names
  • They often tell me to “relax”
  • People often ask me if everything is all right because I’m quiet
  • I need to get prepared mentally to make a phone call
  • I don’t take it easy if someone cancels a plan
  • I prefer working individually (and not in a team)
  • I really need me-time
  • I wish I had a poker face
  • I love surprises
  • I tend to postpone and procrastinate

4. Would you forgive/cope with if your partner…

  • Wouldn’t allow you to wear certain clothes
  • Cheated on you
  • Was late all the time
  • Didn’t tell where he spent the previous night
  • Farted next to you
  • Stalk you on social media
  • Interrupted you while you talk
  • Were moody
  • Corrected you all the time
  • Didn’t want you to go out without him

5. And finally a few deeper questions to think over:

  • What would you definitely teach to your child?
  • What is missing from your life?
  • What things/people/habits would you like to get rid of?
  • Finish the sentence: before I die, I definitely want….
  • What do you always just talk about but never do?